Wireless Tax Analysis

Tax Analysis Arrangement

What devices are your high-tax lines? Your low-tax lines? Which lines have data, text, and other feature taxes?  Are you paying the correct taxes? Have users moved, and do you have the right addresses on each line?

If your company is going to be “best in class” in regards to wireless costs you will need to address the costs associated with wireless taxes. We are the only company in the wireless industry that has a solution that will lower your tax liabilities by up to 20-40%. The customers that allow us to explain our offering are blown away by the power of what we have developed.

Where do you operate? Here are some of the highest tax rates by state:

  • Washington 23.64%
  • Florida 21.31%
  • New York 21.10%
  • Illinois 19.40%(City of Chicago is 24%)

And some of the lowest rates:

  • Oregon 6.79%
  • Nevada 7.13%
  • Idaho 7.25%
  • Wisconsin 12.26%
  • Massachusetts 12.86%

These are just a few examples that demonstrate the variance in tax rate charged by each state. Please visit www.mywireless.org to get the tax rate for your particular state.

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