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It is amazing to us how much time companies spend trying to determine what rate plan to put their users on. The wireless carriers have developed pooling rate plans that cause operational difficulty and higher costs for their customers. The end result is that most companies put every user on one rate plan or they have a mixture of plans that actually drive higher costs and make the chargeback process and end user accountability impossible to implement.

Problem Solved! The pooling optimizer allows companies to utilize the existing pooling rate plans available from the carriers to purchase the “account level” minutes required without concern for who is on what plan. Think of this as a “wholesale” methodology. Purchase the volume of minutes and kilobytes required based on the lowest cost combination of pooling rate plans. Our solution will re-create an invoice that will allocate the costs at an end user based on their actual consumption. Our billing functionality allows you to simplify the ordering process and will drive incremental savings on voice services of 10-25%.

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