Data Usage and Trending Alerts

Drive accountability and reduce non-work usage of data on corporate pooling devices with our in-cycle and end-of-cycle alerts.

Our alerts can be tailored to match your organization, matching the device to your HR database, so that alerts can be sent to:

  • Employees
  • Supervisors
  • Cost-center managers
  • Executive leadership

Our alerting options include:

  • Simple and effective yellow/red alerting for trending over/crossing over policy usage limits
  • Retrospective summary of usage beyond policy limit and associated cost to the organization using our patent Exact Chargeback accounting per unit of use
  • Roll-up reports of all cost-center users with main cost categories
  • Heavy users and top cost users to highlight the most effective targets for cost containment and reduction

Your policy can be enforced:

  • By specifying per-employee limits
  • By defining a default policy and then exceptions to that policy
  • By device type – smartphone, tablet, aircard or router

We can work with you:

  • Alerts can be customized to fit your needs and specific language.
  • We can work with your IT department to ensure delivery of emails to your users.
  • We need only limited information about each employee – name, supervisor, contact email.





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    Data Usage and Trending Alerts