Accounts Payable Ledger

Sample EAPL Data Summary

The first question we encounter with wireless users on pooling plans: How can I allocate costs to my users?

Pooling plans save money. Data pooling is here. You can put your “repeat offenders” on the largest packages.  However, before our Accounts Payable Ledger, you couldn’t allocate costs back based on usage each month; you couldn’t catch those seasonal changes in behavior; you couldn’t catch those special projects and single-month overruns.  You couldn’t do an exact charge back of costs based on use for exact user accountability.

We analyze your bill detail records to generate an Accounts Payable Ledger that re-creates your invoice with an exact charge back of pool and direct costs to each user by cost center and phone number.

  • See the true “effective rate” you pay for minutes or kilobytes used
  • See your pool utilization rate — and learn if you are over- or under-purchasing
  • See a breakdown into key cost drivers with our extended APL
  • Combine costs across all of your carriers with our multi-carrier APL
  • Drive end user accountability, policy compliance, and end user behavior change

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